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The Tri City Rural Fire Protection District #4 is an entirely volunteer firefighting department. We typically operate with around twenty-five volunteers firefighters certified by the State of Oregon in Firefighter 1. Additionally, several of our firefighter's are certified in Firefighter 2, and we have a number of certified Medical First Responders, and EMT Basics on the department. Many firefighters hold additional certificates in specific areas of firefighting such as Wildland Urban Interface, Hazardous Materials, and Incident Command.

Together we are an effective team which provides professional quality services to our community. Using our nine apparatuses we are able to handle all levels of fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and public safety calls. Our firefighters participate in numerous community service events ranging from staffing our barbecue for events at the school to raising scholarship funds with our food booth at the Myrtle Creek Festival.

Participating as a volunteer firefighter is a great experience that can be very rewarding. Our volunteers learn to appreciate our community through serving on the department. Each firefighter gains valuable experience and training throughout the year responding to calls and attending training sessions. As firefighters move up through the ranks they acquire leadership skills which will serve them well throughout their lifetimes. Interested? Follow the tabs and read more about volunteering.